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Crunchy Mom Goes Oily

Posted on May 7, 2014 at 9:45 AM

As a mom for the second time, I’m making new discoveries concerning all things infant again. One thing I wish I’d known about years ago, that I’ve just discovered through a friend of mine, is the use of essential oils. 


In the past I’d heard about it in the context of aromatherapy with essential oils during childbirth, but I never looked into it. What finally caught my attention was hearing about the health benefits, and the healing properties. Shortly after Alec was born (February 22nd) I purchased a beginner’s kit of organic essential oils thinking that if they didn’t cure my ailments at least I could diffuse the scents and my house could smell like something other than labradoodle. 


Last week the time came to put these oils to use. I nicked Alec’s finger while clipping his nails. It was horrible. He cried hysterically and there was a surprising amount of blood considering it was a small cut. I wasn’t sure what I had in my medicine cabinet, and I wasn’t sure that whatever I had would be safe for a newborn (this had never happened with Elizabeth, so I was in the dark on this one). I quickly messaged the friend who introduced me to the oils and asked which essential oil to use. Lavender and frankincense, she said.


Thirty seconds later I dabbed on a little of both. Ten seconds later Alec stopped crying… And was smiling and giggling! I was relieved that they worked, and knew it could not be a coincidence.


This Monday there was another opportunity to see what these oils could do. I woke up and nursed Alec right away, as usual, but there was a problem—major pain and I was extremely tired. I’d had similar symptoms twice when Elizabeth was an infant so I knew what it was: mastitis. I decided to nurse often on that side, put a warm compress on it, and dab a couple drops of lavender on the painful area right away. 


When I previously had mastitis I took antibiotics for it, but this time I wanted to give the lavender a shot.


By the afternoon red streaks appeared and the pain had only lessened slightly. I still didn’t have a fever, but I thought it was only a matter of time. I thought I’d be putting a call into the doctor later that day, for sure. 


To my pleasant surprise, by the evening the pain was significantly decreased. By Tuesday morning the streaks were still there, but I didn’t feel as drained, I still didn’t have a fever, and the pain was only noticeable with a heavy touch.


It’s Tuesday evening now and the red streaks are gone, the pain barely there. I believe the lavender not only healed the symptoms I had, but prevented worse symptoms from occurring.


Just based on my experience, I’m convinced that essential oils work. Of course there are studies like this and this that help support claims of their healing properties, but my experiences are enough to prove it for me (and those of my fellow “oily mamas!”


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