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Book Review: From the Kitchen of Half Truth

Posted on March 25, 2013 at 3:05 PM

In From the Kitchen of Half Truth by Maria Goodin (to be released April 1st), Meg May struggles to remember aspects of her early childhood.  Her memories are muddled further by outlandish stories her mother has told her: that she was so sweet she would dip Meg’s toes in coffee; and that she once ate so many apples she started spitting seeds. 


As an adult Meg is dedicated to rooting her life in reality, while her well-meaning and imaginative mother continues believing and re-telling these stories.


When Meg stays with her mother as her terminal illness progressively worsens, she is determined to investigate her past and finally put the stories to rest, separating truth from fiction once and for all.


In this magical and heartfelt tale, author Maria Goodin captures the essence of the mother-daughter relationship.  Goodin skillfully portrays Meg’s attempts to balance giving comfort and love to her mother—her best friend— as her health takes a downturn, with the mission of finding the truth about her past—which could be painful for both of them.  The reader witnesses the bittersweetness of love and loyalty that will surely move them to tears.


This book will be released on April 1st; I was given an advanced e-book copy from Sourcebooks through NetGalley.


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